All presenters are advised to do a “Dry run” before the start of the conference. Please click on the invitation for the live event you received even though it has not started yet. Then you should see the screen, saying ‘Join as a presenter’. If that is the case, everything should work fine on the day of your presentation. If you do not see this, please contact us immediately at, so we can help you to set this straight. 

Presentations can only be given through the Microsoft Teams Application (NOT via your browser). If you do not have the App installed on your desktop, go to and create a free account.

Please note: the invitation for presenters will be send to the email address you have used for your registration and payment on the conference website. If this is NOT the email address connected to your Teams account, please contact us as soon as possible at, so we can forward the invitation to the correct address.

On the program ( you can see in which session your 15 minutes presentation including Q&A is scheduled.

How to proceed:

  1. Login 10 minutes before the start of the session via the invitation link send to you personally
  2. Open your camera and but keep your microphone muted until your presentation starts
  3. For internal communication within the session, please use the chat function
  4. Keep your presentation on your PC or laptop open, but only allow for sharing when the producer invites you to do so (this is important!)
  5. Open your microphone and the chair will introduce you to the audience
  6. Now you will be invited to share your presentation and you can begin
  7. We have a strict timeline, so the session chair will warn you about the time left a few minutes before the end of your presentation
  8. Then the chair will read out the questions for you to answer
  9. At the end of your presentation stop sharing and leave the live meeting

N.B. Please be informed that the presentations will be recorded for re-watching.

Here you can find an explanatory video showing the presenter experience in a Teams live event: This video also shows where the relevant buttons are.

Presentation tips

  • Time your presentation so that you will have 3 to 5 minutes of your allocated time left for questions and discussion and for change-over to the next speaker.
  • Use font sizes that are large enough to be read from a screen, this should also apply to labels on figure axes.
  • Please consider adding a one-sentence summary of each slide at the bottom to help audience follow the presentation.
  • Avoid the rainbow color scale or the parallel usage of red and green since it is not distinguishable for everyone.
  • Where available, use the mouse for pointing as this provides best visibility.
  • Repeat audience questions so everyone will be able to follow the discussion.